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Leo Robinson

Born to

Youngest British Champion

Leo was the Top Rookie in MSA Bambino Championship in 2015 when 6 years old and the MSA Bambino Champion in 2016 when 7 years old.

Grid Kid

Leo won all 6 IAME Cadet novice trophies in 2017 together with several podium places. He was a Grid Kid at the British Grand Prix in 2018.

International Success

Leo finished 3rd in the IAME Winter Cup in Valencia, 3rd overall in the Euroseries with races in Belgium, Italy, Germany & France in 2019. He also finished 3rd in the IAME World Final while just 10 years old.

leo robinsron pacesetter


Leo is the youngest ever winner in a senior kart, winning on debut, on the weekend of his 11th birthday.

L e o
Gifted Young Driver


LEO ROBINSON representing Algeria (his maternal country), one of the most successful karting graduates, stepped onto the Ginetta motorsport ladder at Oulton Park in 2023 with Alastair Rushforth Motorsport to compete in the Junior Championship series, then transitioned to R Racing before moving into Formula 4 in the Danish Championship. Leo held karting contest titles in the British Championship for the Mini X30, the LGM, Kartmaster and Junior X30 including international champion among other prestigious trophies that he has also won over the years.

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Algerian bred
leo 37
Mygale M4-F4

Technical Specification


Powered by Renault engine, 2.0L


SADEV 6 speed sequential gearbox with reverse

Fuel Injection

FIA FT3 specification, 48L


FIA Homologated Carbon Monocoque


2 piston calipers with ventilated cast iron brake discs


Maximum power 160 HP


Chequered Flag Experience


Continuous Improvement

An important quality of a driver is the ability to recognise that he is the weakest component of the system. It is the driver’s imperfect inputs that prevent the car from going as quickly as it can.

Controlled Aggression

The role of the driver is to extract the maximum performance from the equipment over the race duration. Optimum performance of the tyre is beyond the point of breaking adhesion but within the ultimate level of grip. The car must slide but not to the point that cornering speed is lost or power cannot be applied early in the corner.

Fine Margins

The correct line requires late and sharp corner entry, while looking to apply power through the corner while reducing steering input. This is not the quickest way through the corner but results in higher speed leading onto the straight, with time being made up all the way down the straight.

p o d i u m

Start Line Performance

At the age of 14, Leo has made the move up to cars, joining the F4 Danish Championship. The likes of F1 driver Lando Norris and others cut their teeth in the move from Karts to Cars.


Leo Robinson Bio

Date of Birth: 28/2/09

Class: Ginetta Junior

Helmet Colours: Silver and Orange

Driver Management: R Racing

Mechanic: Josh Sheriff

Started Racing: 2005

Favourite Kart Track: Whilton Mill

Favourite Race Track: Donington Park